Let the hypocrisy flow through you

We have a new, hot-button issue of the week: using the terrorist watch list to restrict gun purchases. The hypocrisy from both sides that this issue has brought into the spotlight is unparalleled. It’s painful to read/hear the arguments. I’m not sure what’s going to cause my head to explode first…

Will it be the people on the left who were vehemently opposed to the unconstitutional “terrorist watch list” a week ago (thankfully the ACLU has maintained its lawsuit through this festival of hypocrisy) and railing against Trump for daring to take away rights without due process, who are now all about the watch list and extra-judicial right usurpations because they’re using it to suit their anti-gun agenda?

Or will it be the people on the right, who one week ago were totally on board with revoking rights based on religion, wanted every Muslim in the country tracked and registered, liked illegally locking up people in Gitmo, and supported the 5th Amendment destroying Patriot Act, who now are suddenly SO concerned with the unconstitutional nature of the terrorist watch list and SO concerned with 5th Amendment violations… because white people’s access to guns is in danger.

The country is really, really showing its true stupidity during this very pitiful time.

A question for the idiots on the left: Would you still be in favor of using the watch list to infringe on rights if it was President Trump calling the shots for who goes on the list? Because just yesterday I saw you going crazy over the mere suggestion that we restrict the rights of anyone based on anything other than commission of a crime.

And a question to the idiots on the right: Would you still be fighting for these gun rights if it was guaranteed all the people on the list were Muslim? Because just yesterday I saw you going crazy over some dire need to register/deport Muslims and how we MUST reject Syrian refugees because Muslims are terrorists.


Common Ground

It’s been entertaining, frustrating, disheartening, and at times disgusting to watch the responses to and analysis of this recent rash of shootings. I first got to watch people on the left jerk off to the Planned Parenthood shooting because it fit their narrative of extremist, right-wing gun owners as the “real threat” to America. Their elation was almost tangible – “We were right! We were right!”. Now, only a few days later, I’m watching people on the right jerk off just the same to the San Bernardino shooting because it is (so far) looking like it will fit their agenda of radical, evil Muslims attacking us on our home soil – “We were right! We were right!”

Whether you’re an anti-gun nut or an anti-Muslim nut, let it be known – you’re a fucking nut. You’re politicizing tragedies to push an agenda, all while accusing and condemning the other side for doing the same thing. You’re celebrating dead people because you see it as vindication of your beliefs.

“Oh that evil NRA is always using these events to fear monger more people into buying guns!” Yeah? You’re using the same event to paint all gun owners as evil people and fear monger your sheep into supporting more gun control.

“Oh those damn liberals are always using these events to take MY RIGHTS!!” Yeah? You’re using the same event to call for more discriminatory, xenophobic laws that take away other people’s rights.

The only real threat to America is people that will stop at nothing to force their illogical, emotion filled agendas on the country, including displays of gross hypocrisy. Both sides claiming their agendas stem from a love of rights and freedoms… just as long as those rights and freedoms happen to be the ones they want for themselves. Both sides blasting the opposing side for use of hyperbole and rhetoric, all while using their own to blast the other side. Neither side wanting to let a tragedy be a wasted opportunity to push their own breed of totalitarianism and self-centered policy.

So congratulations, we’ve finally done the impossible and found common ground between the self-identified “left” and “right”. You’re both a bunch of empathy-less fuck sticks that get excited over dead people if you feel their deaths somehow prove your narrative right.