Wag the dog – when only guns matter

I’m glad I’m not the only one that recognizes the absurd hypocrisy gripping the gun control debate.

What I do know is that the gun debate in general is crazy. In this current round of screeching, I’m guessing that most of the folks who are normally the rock-ribbed, law-and-order types who have remained pro-police throughout the awfulness in Ferguson are now completely unmoved by this potential threat to police lives. Meanwhile, their opponents in the gun-control movement probably count among their number a huge contingent of people who don’t give a good goddamn about cops — unless they’re hurling abuse at them — but have now suddenly found police safety an issue of paramount concern.

The pro-gun crowd that is supposedly so afraid of tyranny and freedom loss that they’re preparing for a revolution just so happens to be rabidly pro-police state and the biggest supporters of living under the boot of out-of-control law enforcement. On the flip side, we have the Occupy type crowd that hates the police state and militarization of police, has directly experienced police violence, and recognizes that we’re headed rapidly towards fascism, but is ironically and fanatically anti every means of protection they might have had against it. I happen to be both pro-gun and pro-freedom (real freedom, the kind the left-wing folks stand for), so I’m able to see both the merits and the tremendous, mind-boggling contradictions of each side’s position. I also have plenty of interaction with people on both sides, so I know the arguments and group sentiment well.

The pro-gun crowd is so concerned about oppression that they are actively stockpiling arms for what they feel is an impending civil war for their “rights”. But if these people aren’t the least bit threatened by (and in fact are in support of) the rapidly expanding police and surveillance state as well as the unprecedented destruction of the Bill of Rights we’ve seen over the past fifteen years, then what oppression will they rise up against? They’re actually actively selling themselves down the exact path that they fear, but they don’t even realize it. These people have lost all sight of any rights and freedoms beyond guns. As long as they can keep their guns, then nothing else the state does matters. They need their guns to “defend our rights” yet there are no other rights they’re actually interested in defending. This group has taken one issue in a sea of issues and turned it into THE issue and the sole litmus test as to whether a person is pro-freedom or not. This  misdirection has been aided by the NRA, which has an uncanny knack for turning everything from healthcare to education into a gun rights issue. Make no mistake, when a self-identified conservative says “rights” they mean only gun rights. “That there Obumer is taking all our rats!! MY RATS!!!” So you ask them what “rats” Obama has taken… they can’t list any, but but but “he’s tryin to take mu guns!!!” This group that purports to be about ultimate freedom and rights, really doesn’t care about freedom or rights, only the single-minded purpose of clutching their guns for dear life. These people understand the history of populations that have regained their lost freedom through use of arms, but they’ve completely forgotten about the circumstances that lead up to that point and how those freedoms were lost in the first place.

No better and even more baffling is the Occupy/left-wing crowd that is so vehemently anti-gun. These people have literally been under the boot of police. They have seen the overstepping police state first hand. They acknowledge and oppose the destruction of (real) rights we’ve seen in recent years. They side with the victims in what have become nearly daily police murders of unarmed and unthreatening citizens. If anyone in this country should be pro-gun, they should. Yet, in spite of all this, they want a completely disarmed and at the mercy of the state populace, totally unable to stand up for itself should the circumstances arise. These people understand the history of how state encroachment and civil rights suppression works, yet they seem to completely draw blank (even in our own country’s history) on the parts where the populace required arms to regain its freedom. Don’t get me wrong – peaceful revolution and prevention of lost rights is always the best option, but when push comes to shove, history has shown that being completely unarmed is not in the proletariat’s best interest. Yet the group that prides itself on being educated, informed, and cognizant of history suddenly turns into the liberal equivalent of a Tea Party nutter as soon as you mention guns. Logic, reason, and subject knowledge suddenly become meaningless to these people when the gun control debate begins. I have been absolutely astounded at some of the things I have seen come out of their mouths in regards to gun control – showing total and utter lack of knowledge of the subject of firearms. These people are as easily whipped into a blind, ignorant frenzy by hyperbole and rhetoric like “cop killer bullets” and “assault rifle” as the Tea Party people they so detest are by phrases like “Muslim, Kenyan communist, socialist, fascist, dictator, from Africa” and “poor people are human too”.

These completely contradictory worldviews blow my mind. Is it an intentional construct of prepackaged opinion sets, designed as yet another “divide and conquer” tactic to keep society chasing its tail, or is this level of stunning ignorance displayed on both sides… natural human behavior? Are people really this foolish? I may never know the answer. What I do know is that both sides of this argument need to get their shit together and put forth logical, consistent arguments for their positions.