A list of creative ways to be killed by the cops

If only cops feeling up OWS girls were the worst of our problems…

First off, this is not a violation of my blog’s foundational rules. This post merely contains a list. It is not a “list post”.

My previous post that pointed out the destructive-to-the-cause nature of turning “all lives matter” into “black lives matter” ended up being quite controversial. Of course, it must be noted that “the cause” refers to the desire that many of us have to end America’s police state and hold police to the same standards they hold the public. If your cause is to divide people, then this “black lives matter” narrowing of the issue is doing that beautifully. The latter holds true for an unfortunately large number of people who are fully convinced that police brutality and police state America are solely black community issues and white people should mind their own business because these things don’t affect them. Then of course there’s this other large group of people, the “cops are just doing their jobs” and “being a cop is so stressful” and “there isn’t actually a problem, it’s being blown out of proportion” people. I wanted to do something for both these groups of people, to help them see reality, to help them see the absurdity of their positions, and to reinforce my previous post.  Both groups are doing harm to a cause that is ultimately going to decide whether future America will be a free country or not. They need to get back in touch with reality. So, without further adieu, I give you my list…


Things that cops in America will shoot you to death for holding/doing:

Of course, these are just the most ridiculous cases. There are many, many more. Still think the American police state doesn’t affect anyone other than black people? Still think the police state isn’t an issue at all? The police in this country will kill anyone for doing anything, as they see fit – and most of the time they won’t face any consequences. That’s the real problem. Not racism. Not white people. Not bias in the justice system (aside from a prosecutorial pro-cop bias). Just out of control, above the law brothers-in-blue that are allowed to kill anyone with impunity.




This list growing as people bring new events to my attention. If you know of an event that is not included, please leave a link in the comments. Thank you for contributing to getting the truth out there.







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  3. David Taylor · December 19, 2014

    “Not bias in the justice system.” -> Please consider modifying this sentence to include “(except a prosecutorial pro-cop bias)”. Prosecutors’ bias towards cops and limitations on only the prosecutor being able to seek a ‘true-bill’ are the reason cops know they will not likely face charges for their crimes against humanity.

    David Taylor, Veteran USAR/USN (former Navy LEO)

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  4. Publius · December 19, 2014

    Do you think it’s plausible that while everyone suffers from the police state, certain groups of people suffer more, due to discrimination/prejudices against them?

    Everyone being treated badly by police doesn’t preclude one group from being treated worse than everyone else. I think you and the people pushing #blacklivematter are arguing orthogonal points. They are protesting for everyone to be treated just as badly or well as everyone else, because they notice that black people are being treated worse than white people. You are protesting for everyone to no long be treated badly by cops, because you notice that everyone is being treated badly. But their protest doesn’t explicitly call for everyone to also not be treated badly, and your protest doesn’t explicitly call for everyone to be treated just as well as everyone else.

    It’s kind of funny how even though you’re both united in opposition against shitty behavior by cops, you’ve both still allowed yourselves to be divided.


    • thewhiteboardpig · December 19, 2014

      You’ve hit the nail on the head. If you look at my previous post titled “which lives actually matter” you’ll see that I’ve made that very point myself. I fully acknowledge that black people are treated even worse by police that whites. What I don’t agree with is the #blacklivesmatter movement that narrows a systemic issue of unchecked police brutality into a niche race issue, exactly as you’ve pointed out. The end result will be policy changes that address a symptom rather than the disease.

      Personally, I think the push to make this SOLELY a race issue (don’t get me wrong, there is a race issue in there) is an intentional play by the powers that be to cripple what started out as a frighteningly (for them) united movement. This united movement was rapidly derailed by refocusing public discourse to solely the race issue and calling anyone that tried to point to the bigger issues of police militarization and the expanding police state as an out of touch, white racist. Stay tuned for a post dedicated to more on that issue.

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      • Publius · December 19, 2014

        I read the post, but I just feel like you and they are letting yourselves be distracted by semantics issues instead of the real issues of police state violence. Yes, #BlackLivesMatter might not be the best slogan, and it might make #AllLivesMatter seem like a white-washed version not focused on ensuring the equality they are fighting for even though it isn’t, but those aren’t the real issues.

        Would you rather spend time arguing over what the group has a better claim on the #XXXLivesMatter slogan or would you rather just change the slogan you use to something else entirely, like #AntiPoliceStatists and get back to working on the real issue. The #BlackLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter movements have many mutual goals and sympathies.

        If all that separates the movements is a name, is that really worth splintering and not working together over? And if you think that the #BlackLivesMatter switch is by the powers that be, then isn’t arguing over slogans just playing directly into their hands by not staying focused on the true goals of the movements?

        I don’t think the names of the movements matter nearly as much as the goal, so while I’m certainly sympathetic to the argument your making, it just doesn’t seem like something worth spending time on to me when the police state is still in power.


      • thewhiteboardpig · December 20, 2014

        This is where we differ in outlook. It’s not merely a matter of slogan, it’s a matter of goals. You actually pointed this out in your first comment already. The majority of the black community pushing #blacklivesmatter doesn’t care about ending police militarization and the police state. They only care that, pre capita, more blacks are killed than whites. If the police started killing more whites, the black community would pack it in and good home because they would have their equality.

        I see their movement as detrimental to the actual important cause of ending the police state. The more we talk about police racism, the less we talk about police militarization. Look at it this way: what’s the solution for police racism? More affirmative action in hiring? Racial sensitivity training? That stuff is good and absolutely necessary, but it does NOTHING to address the root issues. But if we continue down the road of making it a race issue, those are the “solutions” we’re going to end up with and the police state will march forward unhindered (albeit with more black officers and abusing all ethnicities equally). That’s why I see no common ground with people seeking to make this solely about race.

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      • ifreemantoo · December 26, 2014

        Some words I left where much of the hate was being spewed out like vomit in some Facebook comments and posts.

        “All you people of color and ethnicity (to which my Mexican heritage make me a part of) what do you want? Do you want whites to be killed and harmed more? Or do you want blacks and minorities killed and beaten less and in proportion to that of whites? Or do you want this legalized violence and legalized murder and manslaughter to stop for everyone? Which is it?”

        It is as the whiteboardpig writes in so many words, a dangerous (and to me not very well though out) position to take; to even tip your hat to such mischief. It does not address the root problem or cause, but in fact by making the “root” racism begs the abusive authority to further “police” the problems created by abusive authority. It’s just another form of the police and courts self-monitoring the abuse of police and courts. It’s like the brown chickens complaining to the wolves guarding the chicken coop that less white chickens are eaten by wolves. I don’t know but I think the chickens should perhaps fire the wolves and stop waving signs saying “brown chickens are chickens too.” Why not put out a sign that says, “Please kills us in equality and proportionally to all colors of chickens.”

        OK let’s make it about racism. Where the population is near about 70% black how is the government in Ferguson run by a 30% minorities of whites? Whose fault is that? Darren Wilson was fired along with everyone from his former Jennings police job, because the elected officials of Jennings said that Darren and the rest of the officers didn’t know how to serve the community of mostly black people.

        Now did the 30% in Ferguson rig the elections to white city leaders? Or did the 70% not even participate in electing a more diverse city council? Who’s to blame for that? I guess it’s still not about racism. It does seem to be about stupid though. I’m not much about the majority voting in what favors the majority at the expense of the minority creating inequality, however if I’m part of 70% or a majority (as it appears must have been the case in Jennings), no one will abuse me politically or physically for very long where my vote is counted.

        Why not repeat the words of Eric Gardner’s daughter and father who both say Eric’s legalized murder is not about race, but about an abuse of authority. I would further say rooted in over regulation and taxation of cigarettes legalizing murder by malum prohibitum. Keep it about racism and you keep the same evil power structure in play and mischief makers in control.


      • thewhiteboardpig · December 26, 2014

        It’s like the brown chickens complaining to the wolves guarding the chicken coop that less white chickens are eaten by wolves.

        That’s brilliant. Even better, it’s like the brown chickens complaining that the wolves guarding the coop are white. Do you know what the resulting solution will be? Brown wolves guarding the coop. Does that really benefit anyone? Of course not. That was my bottom line point. I’m glad you understood it.

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  5. Crystal · December 20, 2014

    Police lives actually matter. If it comes down to
    my husband or them. My husband will be the one to walk away alive. Don’t forget, cops are people too.


    • thewhiteboardpig · December 20, 2014

      Crystal, your use of “them” highlights the problem perfectly. The non-police public are not a “them”. They are people. People that your husband took an oath to protect and serve. Your husband and the rest of the police force voluntarily signed up to protect and serve these people. If they can’t handle that responsibly and can’t understand that the lives of the public come first, perhaps they aren’t right for the job.

      When is the last time you saw firefighters standing outside a burning building full of people and saying, “no way I’m going in there, it’s dangerous! Sucks for those people but it’s more important that I make it home tonight.” Never. Firefighters understand they signed up to be in danger so that others may live. Have you ever seen a Coast Guard rescue diver sit at the helicopter door and say, “hell no I’m not diving into the ocean in a storm! That’s dangerous and my life is more important than theirs.” Never. The police in this country USED to share that protect and serve attitude. Then “us vs them” took over and they became cowards that would rather gun down children “just in case” than put themselves at the slightest bit of risk. That’s a problem.

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      • fmfranklin · December 26, 2014

        Excellent,Excellent rejoinder. A rational,logical informed voice! I have been seeing so much hate on the net,divide and conquer and to come across your gem of an article. A Christmas present one day late,but still a great gift!

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      • thewhiteboardpig · December 26, 2014

        Thank you. I’m tired of the divide and conquer also. Please spread the unity message.

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  6. JoAnn Chateau · December 21, 2014

    So glad you brought this up. Everyone’s life matters, regardless of race, disability, social status, age, etc.

    And I am especially concerned about protesters who are victims of police abuse/violence. They are the life-blood of democracy, which supposedly protects human rights.

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