America has gone full-retard

Well, it looks like yet another murder by police will go without indictment. Hot on the heels of the Ferguson case, it’s been announced that the NYPD officer that strangled Eric Garner to death will also not face any charges.

Let me take a second to throw a disclaimer out here. I understand why many people don’t care about Mike Brown’s likely murder. They see him as a worthless thug. They think he robbed a store. They think he assaulted an officer. The witness reports are he-said, she-said. Conclusive hard evidence is lacking, etc. Plus, he’s black. When you combine being a petty thug with being black, the vast majority of white America is okay with you being shot to death on the street by the police. I get that. I don’t support it or agree with it, but I understand the lack of sympathy for people who are less than stellar citizens.  The small-minded folks of the US lack the necessary intellect to look past the small details and see the bigger picture. None of this applies in the case of Eric Garner.

Eric Garner was assaulted and murdered for selling cigarettes. Not cigaweed – tobacco cigarettes. Eric was not a thug. He was not a punk. He did not rob a store. He did not assault anyone. He did not attempt to grab anyone’s gun. He was nothing but polite through the encounter with police, even while dying and calmly stating repeatedly “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.” The best way to not get killed by a cop is to not assault a cop, right? Yea, well, that theory is obviously out the window. Best of all, the ENTIRE incident is on tape. You can literally watch him die. The events of this case are indisputable. No less than five NYPD officers were on site to confront Eric Garner for selling cigarettes. This is the same department that won’t even attempt to contact the driver that hit and critically injured Dulcie Canton (also black – coincidence? not likely) because they are “too busy” (their own words). Please give to her relief fund while you’re still outraged: here. So the NYPD is too busy to even attempt to investigate an actual crime, but has plenty of time to kill people over cigarettes.

Thankfully, the answer to police brutality is on the way (or so we all thought). President Obama has passed an order to supply police body cameras to departments across the nation. At first, I (and many others) thought this was a major step forward in stopping the rampant, uncontested police murders of innocent citizens. Surely cops will be justly prosecuted when we swap hard, video evidence for conflicting witness testimony. Apparently that’s not the case. Because, even when the entire incident is caught on tape, we STILL cannot even get a cop into a court room, never mind get one convicted of any wrong doing. This is beyond absurd. It’s almost as if the police state is trying to incite nation-wide, mass riots. America truly has gone full-retard. The power abuse of police is out of control. It is no longer hush-hush paid vacations and quiet slaps on the wrist. This is flagrant, in-your-face nose thumbing at black America. It looks like the protests and riots have already begun. This time I’m not on the fence. I will proudly cheer each and every bit of destruction these rioters cause. I hope NYC is a smoldering ruin by morning.


I keep hearing that this isn’t a race issue. I keep hearing that there is no racism. In my opinion it’s not just a race issue, but there surely is a race issue. And the racism surrounding it? That part is undeniable. Here’s some examples from Facebook of our “no racism” and “reverse racism” society in action. These are from an article about Eric Garner’s grieving widow on the group “Patriot Nation”.




Definitely no racism here.



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